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I don’t want to sound like Chicken Little, 

Running around screaming “the sky is falling”…

But I will say, it seems that this world has been recreated in the vision of those with the most resources. The ad executives, Hollywood film makers, politicians. 

And their vision doesn’t give a fuck about you, your health, or your family.

Their vision abandons our natural human needs for a world of technological pleasures that make us fat, depressed, and desperately grasping for a glimmer of hope.

People Have Become Numb to This

They’re so used to driving cars they can’t afford,

Going to jobs they hate,

Too stressed to even care about their health,

Too little time to feed themselves,

Or even think about the bigger picture.

They’re popping pills, drinking alcohol, looking for whatever escapes the TV tells them about.

I was the same way…


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